Wolf Girl Pt. 2

As soon as I saw the kitchen lights beaming through the break in the trees, I could hear Jackson shouting. “You can’t possibly be saying that she should be alpha?” “She’s the natural choice, we don’t get to elect an alpha, Jackson. It doesn’t work that way,” my father’s warm voice replied. Sighing quietly, I … More Wolf Girl Pt. 2

Silent Visitor Pt.2

Read part one here.   I wince at the thought of all our recent fighting. My mother hated it when we fought and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with guilt, looking at the corner of the room where she would sit and braid my hair as a child. “You mustn’t fight with you brother … More Silent Visitor Pt.2

The silent visitor.

My favourite black army boots make no sound as they hit the white marble kitchen floor. If nothing else good came from last night, at least I was forced to clean my boots. No way could I leave here undetected if they were in their normal state. My roommate always comments on my ability to … More The silent visitor.

Wolf Girl

Okay, so this is the first time I have published any of my fiction writing on here – or anywhere for that matter – so please be kind. At the same time though, I would love any feedback anybody has. This is definitely only a first draft so I won’t be offended. I already know … More Wolf Girl