April Onward: 2017 is now my year.

Late last year I told myself that 2017 was my year. I had struggled being unemployed and finally landed a PR role after having to get another customer service role following my return from a year in Australia, I thought things were finally looking up.

But oh how the beginning of 2017 proved me wrong.

Not only did I have probably the worst birthday of my life so far, I broke up with my boyfriend of two and a half years (which in hindsight was the right decision for my happiness, but still one I wish I didn’t have to make) and the role I was so happy to get, turned out to not be for me at all.

So I found myself unemployed again – my least favourite thing to be, ever.

But after just two weeks of looking for work I have now landed a role in the biggest and best digital agency in Leeds as a Digital PR and Social Media Exec – and I am so excited to start next week.

Admittedly, I am pretty proud of my quick turnaround. Naturally my anxiety was through the roof during the whole process but I did my best and it paid off. Not only will this role provide me with endless training I’ve never had anywhere else, I will learn so much more on the job than ever before given the size and success of the company.

Leaving my previous role taught me a lot of things. Firstly, not to take everything to heart and secondly, everything happens for a reason. Given this new opportunity in front of me, I see now that being in a role that wasn’t for me was a blessing in disguise and not one to cause stress.

Entering a company with lost of guidance and a good social culture is super exciting for someone at my level and with my love of being creative and social. It allows me to combine all three and will create a role that makes me excited to go to work everyday.

The rest of 2017 is mine, I will make sure of it! Sorry for all the delays lately, but hopefully now it makes more sense!

I hope your start to 2017 was better than mine.



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