Rebecca: A Review.

These past few weeks have been a true representation of how life can truly get in the way, so I am going to post two reviews today to catch up – I’m going to post a piece reflecting on my month last month which I hope will explain a lot!


I have wanted to read this book for a while now and I’m glad that this challenge made me do so.

While reading, I have to say I got a lot of Jane Eyre/ Wide Sargasso Sea vibes which is probably one of the reasons I loved it so much.

I found the fact that the narrator remains unnamed while her husband’s ex wife – who she fears she can never compare to – is the title of the novel, an extremely powerful message from the author. It shows that she is dominating the book as she dominates their marriage and the narrator’s insecurities.

There are many themes this novel addresses well. Marriage in particular is a topic Daphne du Maurier focuses heavily on. Similar to Jane Eyre, it demonstrates how its commonly associated with social status and how society makes the idea of a failed marriage so unbearable that our narrator would rather jump out of a window than admit defeat.

And it’s not just the married pair that are wanting to keep up appearances, the novel shows just how important the idea of a successful marriage is within society that even Mrs. de Winter is desperate for the world to see a facade.

Marriage aren’t the only topics addressed in this novel however, death, sex, love and gender are all focuses of the story as it shows all the issues of the 19th century, haven’t faded in the early 20th century which this novel was released.

I wouldn’t say this is the favourite book I have read, but I also can’t really make any complaints… apart from maybe that the narrator’s insignificance represented in her lack of name and submissive attitude, definitely frustrates me.

Next up: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe.



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