We are all completely besides ourselves.

Warning: May contain spoilers!!

First of all, sorry I never uploaded anything last week, I was ill for a while and didn’t manage to finish the book in a week – gonna have to amp up my speed. 

I have to admit this one has one of those strange revealing moments that completely shock you and are a little weird to get used to. When you’re 70-odd pages in and your protagonist’s sister turns out to be a chimpanzee – it’s hard to get your head round.

But when you get over that the story shows an interesting topic. A psychologist’s experiment on animal-human behaviour leads to him and his wife to raise a chimpanzee alongside his newborn daughter. Seeing it from the eyes of Rosemary our protagonist, at five years old and then as the fully grown woman realising her childish memories were incorrect and sheltered. Having to deal with the fact she lead to her sister to be sent away which resulted in her brother being on the run, is a lot for a woman in her 20’s.

Although the story shows signs of Rosemary’s moral struggle and emotional discovery, there are definitely moments of complete hilariousness. – Probably my favourite drunken scene ever written btw.

But as a whole, I felt it difficult to connect to the personal experiences with Fern the chimpanzee. I don’t know whether it’s because I don’t have a sister, or the none humanness of Fern was just too much for me to see past.

By all means though, you should definitely read this book, it’s written beautifully and I can appreciate the uniqueness of the plot. I just don’t have that connection which naturally makes a book less enjoyable, but you might.

Next Week: Angela Carter’s: A night at the circus.


P.S. I am going to Amsterdam next week -eek- so I won’t be able to write the next one until Monday, not Sunday. 


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