7 Epic TV Shows that are ending in 2017.

2017 has to be better than 2016, that’s for sure. With all the celebrity deaths (I miss you Alan Rickman) and horrendous world events that loom over us, it’s not difficult for 2017 to succeed in making us happier than it’s evil sibling.

But there are some things that this year is going to take away from us. Like some epic TV shows. Here are some of the shows that are ending in 2017:

1.Vampire Diaries

This one is particularly painful for me, seeing as I’ve watched it over and over many times and I couldn’t imagine my life without Damon Salvatore or Alaric Saltzman, but I guess it’s a good thing to internet will keep it alive forever.

I’m interested to see how season eight ends. Damon will forever be in my heart.

tumblr_inline_mge5yatrMb1rdtexa.gif  photo credit: tumblr.com


2. Pretty Little Liars

Another CW beaut is coming to an end this year, as we have to say goodbye to our favourite little liars. The final season premiers in April and soon we will see who’s behind uber A’s mask. I’m intrigued to see how they put an end to this series and what twists they’ll throw our way.

Given that the A reveal was the most tweeted about episode, ever, I’m positive the whole of social media will be on the edge of their seats.

giphyphoto credit: giphy.com

3. Orphan Black

Sadly, the fifth season will be the last for this sci-fi thriller. But it’s had a good run. After just one episode I was hooked, dying – pun not intended – to see how the suicide of a doppleganger could change the life of the main character, Sarah. Spoiler: it’s a hell of a lot.

tumblr_inline_mxs2lkGSeW1qeco6f.gifphoto credit: tumblr.com

4. Episodes

It’s always a task to successfully make people laugh when playing yourself, but Le Blanc definitely manages it, as he emphasises the stereotypical arrogance of a celebrity trying to make a comeback.

The last series of Episodes was actually aired in 2015, but Matt Le Blanc will return to play himself one last time for the show, later this year.

image1photo credit: giphy.com

5. Workaholics

This show is so funny, I’m genuinely devastated it’s coming to an end and given that it was written by it’s stars – who are all atrociously hilarious – that’s no surprise.


6. Girls

I have always wanted to write a story with the same basis as this show, so I’ve made a point not to watch it to ensure that I don’t subconsciously copy it. But every single one of my friends are obsessed with it – so they made sure I put it on the list. To be honest, they’re quite annoyed it’s ending after just six serious. Let me know if you’re going to miss this one!

giphy-18photo credit: giphy.com

7. Regular Show 

Probably not one you thought I would mention, but after my friend and I found this show while on holiday (it was always on the only English channel), I have become a bit of a fan to say the least. And with good reason, because it’s great. So the news that it’s ending this year is pretty tragic. I definitely recommend a binge when you get the chance – and prepare to laugh.

tumblr_mm5ptpjhpo1spa5b8o1_500photo credit: tumblr.com



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