Silent Visitor Pt.3

With the object in the internal pocket of my favourite leather jacket – it’s vintage, like all my favourite things – I make my way back to my dorm room via the forest.

I really should make more of an effort to come out here to hunt. Not only is the food better, but the view of the city from up here is pretty magical. Slowing down to stop my boots from making anymore noise, I listen out for a potential meal. God I hope there is a big fat dear around here somewhere.

After a few moments of only being able to hear the sound of the cars on the highway below me and the chattering of people in a bar at the edge of the city, I suddenly heard the snapping of twigs and chomping of leaves. Excellent. I run silently towards my feast until I see it stood a few yards in front of me, munching on one of the few bushes that hasn’t begun to shed yet.

I almost feel sorry for him – yay it’s a him, males are bigger and juicer – as I get ready to take him out. I bet he didn’t think he’d get munched on while trying to enjoy his dinner. ‘Soz dear, but I’m starving’, I think to myself as I release my fangs and pounce straight onto his jugular. Within seconds he stops fighting me – as if there was ever much of a fight anyway – and I finish my meal in peace. Wiping my face clean and smoothing over my not so ruined clothing  (a habit I can’t seem to kick), I thank the dear and leave it for the other animals so I can get back to campus in time for that party Beth and I wanted to go to.

At least now I wouldn’t be tempted by any of the guests. Well less so than normal anyway, you can never quite ignore the burning desire to feed on humans, but some of us definitely try.


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