15 Signs you’re not too bad at this adulting thing.

Being an adult can be rough. You have to organise things yourself, make your own appointments and of course, be responsible for feeding yourself. No one ever warned you just how hard it was going to be (put of course you did how many years of maths in a world full of calculators?), thanks education.

But maybe you’re not as bad at it as you think. Here are some signs you need to give yourself a little bit more credit:

  1. You can do whatever you want for dinner, but still choose something healthy.
giphy-14                                                                                                      photo credit: tumblr.com

2. In fact, you can do a whole food shop without adding unnecessary items. Chocolate and wine are necessary, right?

3. You can call the doctors, dentist and the tax office without breaking into a sweat. 

4. You understand the purpose of separating darks, colours and whites in the washing machine. I mean, after that disastrous pink towel fiasco, it was pretty easy to understand.

5. You no longer go for the cheapest toilet paper in the shop. Because your body deserves the best care.

tumblr_inline_o2zef4lu9t1t7q3sm_500                                                                                                  photo credit: giphy.com

6. Your house is no longer a hovel. Your room is a whole other ball game, but the bits people can see are what matter.

7. You’re a top host/hostess. And by that I mean you offer wine or water with a side of cheese.

tumblr_n2tvewks2r1qf9mevo1_500                                                                                                   photo credit: tumblr.com

8. You automatically pay for a new household object before buying yourself clothes. Because it’s nice to live in a nice home.

9. You can deal with a crisis without crying and calling your parents.

10. No amount of temptation can get you out of your PJ’s and into a pair of heels on a Friday night. You know that when you’re skint, you’re skint and need to lay low – that and you enjoy watching Disney films and eating a cookie dough alone.

11. Candles, cushions and throws are your new favourite items. You can spend hours looking at Pinterest boards full of them and not get tired.

12. You don’t just drink to get drunk anymore. Cocktails or wine and cheese nights trump queuing for an expensive trendy club these days.

2013%2f08%2f12%2f2b%2flonelywino-8d79d                                                                                                photo credit: tumblr.com

13. You  don’t need to be convinced to invest in insurance. Because it’s just smart.

14. You actually look forward to catching up with your parents. Rather than just needing them for advice.

15. When people talk about mortgages and interest rates, you actually understand it.

Well done, you!

gotit                                                                                                  photo credit: giphy.com




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