What you need to remember when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. From working a 40 hour week customer service job to ensure I can make rent and buy food, I am still trying to land a job in the industry I love and spent tens of thousands of pounds training for – but it seems I’m just at that awkward stage of my career where I don’t have enough experience, but can’t seem to get the chance to gain any either .

“Keep going, it will happen,” is all I hear from my friends and family. And while it’s good advice (and much appreciated), it doesn’t begin to shift the feeling of defeat and frustration that comes with wanting to do so much more and not having the position or platform to do it.

So in between the applications and work days, I also have to ensure I am still doing something I enjoy – such as this blog and writing content for online magazines – as well as managing relationships and the social butterfly inside of me. I’m exhausted just reciting this to you guys, so you can only imagine how exhausted I am in reality, ha.

But there are a few things I like to remind myself when it all seems at a suffocating standstill.

Firstly, it’s totally okay to feel this way.

photo credit: tumblr.com

Trying to get your foot in the door is hard! It takes a lot of pro-active effort which is a battle alongside a full-time job, so if you want to have a moment and cry a little, then damn it, you cry a little.

Just don’t let it upset you for too long as once, because even though it doesn’t seem like it now, it will get better (I hope).

Everybody goes through this struggle.

As my housemate likes to remind me, this is something that all people (especially graduates), have to deal with. It’s going to happen eventually, you just have to pay your dues. Ironically, you will probably be saying this to someone else in a year or two.

The rejections are not a personal dig at you.

Trust me, I know how hard it can be whenever you receive those polite rejections. Especially, when they come at a horrible time. For example, I received a rejection for an agency I really wanted to work with just as I was walking into a job fair – alone. And I got super emotional, panicked and went to the toilet to have a mini/breakdown and give myself a pep talk.

That rejection made me think there was no point even going into that fair, because nobody wants to hire me anyway. Granted nothing has come of it, but I had promising conversations (and a fair few ego boosts) with a lot of people from the industry, so I’m glad I didn’t let it defeat me and I still forced myself to go in.

Finally, it will happen…eventually.

This one is the most important one – mostly because if I don’t tell myself this, I will probably just crumble – but also because it has to be true.

If you stay pro-active (no matter how tiring it can be), something good will happen for you soon. Somebody will see the potential in you and the day it happens, you’ll wonder why you was so stressed about it – again, I hope!

giphy-13                                                                                                     photo credit: giphy.com

It’s also important to remember, while you’re running around trying to do everything you possibly can to speed up the process, that it’s also vital you have some downtime too. Our brains can only work so much and in order for them to work their best, they need to have a rest. So if you need an excuse to do nothing on a Sunday, there you have it!





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