Why your boyfriend’s obsession with Fantasy Football is a blessing.

Winter definitely has it’s perks. It’s full of delicious treats, warm and cosy nights in and epic Starbucks flavours we all look forward to. But it also has its downsides, especially if you’re not into sports but your other half is a huge fan.

To be honest, even if you can handle the real matches on your TV screen, it can be quite hard to understand why they’re so into a Fantasy League.

But have no fear, because while they are getting so invested in their imaginary team and all their ‘real’ obstacles, there definitely are some advantages. Here are just a few ways to enjoy his obsession:

1. Never again will he be able to complain about your weekend-long Keeping Up With The Kardashian binges and daily reminders for Real Housewives of Orange County, because reality TV and FF are basically the same thing.

giphy-11                                                                                                          photo credit: giphy.com

2. Speaking of which, while the season’s going you gain a good 10 hours or so a week to feed your own binges or you know, throw on a face mask and pull out your manicure set. Score (pun very much intended).

tumblr_myxqtopwkl1qfci4co1_500                                                                                                          photo credit: tumblr.com

3. If you’re a creative person like myself, sometimes it can be difficult to find some quiet time to channel your inner greatness, so tuck yourself away and take advantage of a bit more free time – the season won’t last forever after all.

nick-writing                                                                                                             photo credit: tumblr.com

4. Gather some brownie points with his friends by leaving them to it some nights. I mean, it’s a lucky escape really for you really, but you’ll look like a top gf!

lmgyg                                                                                                        photo credit: giphy.com

5. Been struggling to find time to go on a mini girls break? This is the perfect chance to get away with your friends with no qualms from your SO.

tumblr_mcz2wgzx531rks9ito1_500                                                                                                       photo credit: giphy.com

6. Cash in some favours. For all those times you sit there and listen to him drone on about an injury that’s ruined his entire season, he should definitely be brushing your hair.

980x.gif                                                                                                      photo credit: tumblr.com

7. Talking of which, for every minute you listen he should repay you with discussing Janet from work’s bad attitude on Friday afternoon. Obvs.

a8c9dc91bf62ea21d206ecddec4b2acd-500x282x9                                                                                                      photo credit: tumblr.com

So kick back and relax ladies and enjoy the peace and quiet, while it lasts anyway.



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