Netflix Original shows you need to watch right now!

Given that I have just started work, still looking for PR experience and writing for a few sites in my spare time, I’m going to have to cut back to two (maybe three if I can sneak one in every now and then), posts a week. I wish I could just focus on this so much more, but life calls! 

Everybody loves a good Netflix binge dedicated to watching (and re watching) their favourite shows. But in the past few years, the streaming site has really taken a life of it’s own and has started to create some pretty great programmes to add to your ‘must see’ list. Here are a few of my favourites.

Black Mirror 

black-mirror-season-3-posterImage by Netflix

Admittedly, Netflix only commissioned the third season of Black Mirror, but since getting the rights the whole series has become available on their site – and you should watch them all immediately.

Originally a British show written by Charlie Brooker (Netflix of course made it American), the show comments on the dark effects of technology. Each episode is a different story and approaches the topic from a slightly different angle, so there will be plenty for you to think about throughout the three seasons. For example one episode focuses on the ranking system that dominates our Uber apps, while another demonstrates how technology allows us to obsess over things, to the point that it damages our relationships and mental health.

If you’re looking for a thinker then definitely give this a try. But be warned, it will make you want to throw away your phone.

Hemlock Grove

hemlock-grove-promo-imageImage by Netflix

I am so so sad that this show got cancelled, I needed to see how it ended and now I will never know. If you’re into supernatural vibes then this should be at the top of your list. The story approaches the famous werewolf/vampire tale in a completely new way, you’ll be obsessed by the end of the first episode. Plus Ramon gets strangely hot as the episodes go by – bonus.

The cast are mainly actors and actresses you won’t have heard much from, with the exception of Olivia Godfrey played by Famke Janssen (X-Men’s Jean Grey), and Miranda Cates played by Madeline Brewer (Orange is the New Black’s Tricia Miller).

There definitely are moments that will have you saying ‘what the fuck’, but what’s a fantasy without a little confusion and shocking footage?


daredevil-12Image by Netflix

I am a fan of pretty much anything Marvel (although admittedly Ben Affleck’s Daredevil was pretty disappointing), so when Netflix wanted to revamp this story I was eager to see how it turned out. And I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Charlie Cox takes on this role in such an amazing way, you’ll be emotionally attached within minutes.Not to mention you’ll be in complete awe of those hearing abilities, jeez. I can barely hear my alarm in the morning, am I right?

Orange is the New Black

orange-is-the-new-blackImage by Netflix

I binge watched the first two seasons of Orange is the New Black in about a week – no joke. It’s such a unique show you won’t find anything else like it. I mean to be honest, I feel pretty silly assuming people haven’t already watched it – seriously, if you haven’t WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

If you’re anything like me and used to be obsessed with That 70’s Show, you’ll want to watch this just to see how well Laura Prepon (Donna) plays a neurotic, needy criminal. Spoiler alert: the answer is amazingly well.

There’s so many different characters in this story that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by them all (well most of them), at some point throughout the show. It’s an easy watch but still manages to get you thinking as well as crippling with laughter.

Stranger Things

stranger-thingsImage by Netflix

I would say that Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s newest and biggest crazes at the moment – with it being the spooky season it’s quite fitting I guess. And it’s definitely worth the hype. A group of us watched this entire series (unfortunately there is only one season available at the moment), in about three days. The series explores the world of the extra terrestrial through the eyes of four young kids, and it’s pretty damn scary even you’ll be checking under your bed before going to sleep. Sorry, but there is absolutely no chance of you going to pee alone after this.

The Crown

maxresdefaultImage by Netflix

I have heard so many good things about this Netflix original that I was desperate to get stuck in, and I’m so glad that I did. Given that I am normally into all things periodic and history based anyway, this was one I knew I was going to love before it even started. But it really isn’t just for us history nerds. It’s full of drama, twists and even takes on a darker look than what I would have expected from a story based on our Majesty the Queen.

As it shows us into a world so close to our culture yet so unfamiliar (how many of you need to worry about ascending a throne?), it reminds us that the royal family are just like us in many ways – you know, minus the jewels. For a thrilling and dramatic watch, you should definitely try this one out.




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