How to do an anniversary with a budget.

An anniversary is always something to look forward to. Not only is it a great time to eat and drink your body weight in carbs with your other half, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to celebrate the one you love without life getting in the way. But we all know that sometimes you can be restricted by your finances.

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Whether you’re both saving for a house, a new addition to your family or like Adam and I, have just come home from travelling, sometimes it just can’t be helped and you need to find a budget-friendly way to celebrate each other. Here are some ideas that will hopefully help you do just that.

Hand make or skip presents altogether.

If you’re a visually creative or crafty person then this is an ideal resolution for you. There are so many sweet and thoughtful things you can make for your significant other with your own hands and imagination. From designing your own card to a personalised comic strip of your time together, there is nothing a creative person can’t do – and it’s all free of charge, so what can go wrong?

If you’re like me however, and have a creative mind but very little (okay I admit it, no) artistic skills, there are still things you can create for your partner to show them you care. For example, take a pen and several small pieces of paper and start to write things you love about them and your relationship and stick them in a cute jar that you’ve decorated yourself. They don’t all have to be something serious and intense if you’re a couple who aren’t into that vibe, but the fact they are personal to the two of you will make it the perfect gift. Plus it’s the perfect way to remind your partner that you love and appreciate them (which we all need to hear from time to time).

If neither of those work for you (or you’re about as creative as a potato chip), then it’s not a bad idea to decide to skip presents altogether and spend a small amount of money on doing something together. Sometimes work and other commitments can get in the way of spending time alone and an anniversary is the perfect time to just be together with no interruptions – yes, that means phones off after the obligatory anniversary status of course.

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Ask around for family/friend discount cards or vouchers.

There really is no shame in doing this. I mean, why not get something free or cheap when you can? Adam and I are lucky enough that my housemate has a Taste card for us to borrow, meaning we get 50% off at over 70 restaurants in Leeds. This means that we get to go somewhere decent and spend what money we would have spent on small presents, on spending some quality time together (which is much needed now that he lives in Sheffield and I live in Leeds).

Vouchers and discounts aren’t just found via friends and family though. Be sure to check out for plenty of good deals that will keep you full and happy.

Or, just skip going out altogether and have a night in.

Maybe you’re a couple who don’t enjoy going out at all, or maybe you’d just prefer the intimacy that comes with being alone in the house. Admittedly, even if you live together this can be hard to come by in every day life. Work can quickly tire you out and you can forget to enjoy the alone time together that every couple needs. So take this opportunity to wine and dine your significant other either with their favourite home cooked meal or takeaway, while soaking up each other’s greatness without the bustling babble in the background.

Depending on your relationship (or what mood you guys are in that day), you can either do this dressed up with a perfectly candlelit table, or in your onesies on the sofa. I am not a believer that one size fits all in relationships, so just because some couples enjoy dressing up and going out it doesn’t mean others should feel pressured into doing so as well. No one knows your relationship like you do, and you definitely don’t have to prove your love to anyone other than your partner, so do what the two of you love and forget what your friends are doing.

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Relive your first date.

Okay, so if you went to a super expensive restaurant on a first date then maybe forget this one, but many of you probably didn’t. Reliving the moment you guys started to fall for each other is a pretty simple and adorable way to celebrate your relationship. So go to that local pub, mainstream restaurant or get out your bowling shoes and do all the little things that made your first date so memorable. Not only is this cheap and cheerful, it’s the perfect way to remind yourself why you’re so great together while looking back on some pretty special memories.

Go out for dessert rather than dinner or drinks.

This one is probably perfect for me given that I have a sweet tooth that could put Winnie the Pooh to shame. Admittedly, this isn’t something that is done that often here in the UK (probably something to do with the horrendously low temperatures), but I loved doing this when I was living in Australia and the States.

So find your best local dessert spots (crazy doughnuts and milkshake hangouts are popping up everywhere lately), and go share a sundae with your love like it’s 1954.

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Let me know how you celebrated an anniversary or occasion on a budget in the comments below!







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