26 Things you never knew about Pretty Little Liars.

If you’re anything like me and religiously watch all your favourite celeb’s Snapchat stories, you’ll know that filming of Pretty Little Liars is quickly coming to an end. *😭😭* Although I can’t wait for the new season to hit my TV screen – SERIOUSLY WHO THE HELL IS UBER A?!?! – I am dreading the end. So, I thought I would put together a little list of surprising PLL facts in appreciation four our five favourite liars.

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1. Firstly, I bet you didn’t realise that Alison’s last surname (DiLaurentis), is an anagram of the phrase “Liars united.” Is everything in this show one big mystery?

4. Ashley Benson (Hanna) – also one of the best celeb duo’s, buttahbenzo – was actually the one who suggested the show’s theme song “Secret” by The Pierces. “It’s just so spooky and eerie, and it’s perfect for the show,” she said.

5. Lucy Hale’s character Aria, has cheated on all her on-screen boyfriends. It’s always the quiet ones, eh?

2. Brant Dohert – aka Noel Kahn – originally auditioned for both Ezra Fitz and Toby Cavanaugh! How weird would it have been to see Spencer or Aria swooning over Noel Kahn?

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11. Alexis Denisoff, who starred as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was originally set to play Byron, but Chad Lowe landed the role just before the pilot was shot. Also, Jean Louisa Kelly was actually cast as Ella before the role was given to our favourite Charmed character, Holly Marie Combs. Aria’s family would have been completely different.

12. The PLL January 2014 season debut was the most tweeted season premiere in history of television, with more than 30,000 tweets per minute during the show. Which is actually crazy.

10. Lucy Hale was actually home schooled. To focus on her country singer career, by the way.

3.What’s even weirder is that Lucy Hale originally auditioned for Hanna Marin while Shay Mitchell and Janel Parrish originally auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings. Which is all just too weird.

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6. Ashley Benson’s first acting job was in a Domino’s Pizza commercial. She sure made it to the big time though!

7. Troian Bellisario’s father created the TV shows Quantum Leap, JAG, and NCIS. Turns out she was made to occupy our TV screens.

9. Spencer and Toby aka Spoby, were created by the show’s producers after they noticed the chemistry between Troian Bellisario and Keegan Allen got along. I mean, if you saw Ashley’s Snapchat story last night, which saw Troian and Keegan hugging goodbye after he finished his last scene, you will totally understand this.

8. None of the TV Liars looks anything like the character descriptions in Shepard’s book – which would normally drive me crazy. In the books, Aria has black hair and blue eyes, Spencer is dirty blonde with green eyes, Hanna has a head of auburn hair and brown eyes, and Emily is a strawberry blonde with green eyes. None of which seems right now.

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13. One of the many reasons Ashley Benson is my favourite, is that according to her BFF Shay Mitchell, she is the on-set prankster of the group. While filming season one she even went around secretly putting clothespins on all the crew members.

14. As well as being a star of the show, Troian Bellisario also directed an episode of PLL for season 7B. The episode was called “In the Eye Abides the Heart and was written by Joseph Dougherty.

15. While we’re on the topic of Troian Bellisario, her real life fiancé is Suits star Patrick J. Adams, who even appeared in season one of PLL. IKR, mind blown.

16. *Prepare yourself for this one* Remember Garrett Reynolds, that dodgy cop who was always lingering around Jenna? Well, he played the Italian popstar Pablo in the amazing and iconic Lizzie McGuire Movie. Yes, you read that right.

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17. Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson both had parts in How I Met Your Mother, playing the younger sisters of Robin and Barney. Crazy stuff.

18. The very beautiful Ian Harding was born in Heidelberg, Germany before later moving to Virginia. Beautiful and cultured. Good lord.

19. All the Pretty Little Liars employees get to ride around in pink “Pretty Little Golf Carts” to get from set to set. #Goals.

20. Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson aka Haleb to us, actually dated in real life. Ashley has also been involved with Justin Bieber’s stylist, Ryan Good.

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21. Lucy Hale’s real name is Karen. Karen Lucille Hale, to be exact.

22. Remember Maya? Emily’s first girlfriend? Well she’s actually Beyoncé’s stepsister. Yes, the real Queen B.

23. Sasha Pieterse’s character, Ali, is named after PLL author Sara Shepard’s sister. Cute.


26. Toby Cavanaugh was supposed to be killed off in the sixth episode, but it was the support from the fans that made the producers keep him around. Thank god, otherwise Spoby would never have been.

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24. Apparently, the letter “A” is in every single PLL scene. If you didn’t already have a reason to completely re-watch the entire series, you do now.

25. The cast don’t know the big reveals and plots twists until the table reads. What I would give to be a fly on the wall at one of those!



Now excuse me while I go start this epic show from the beginning – again.


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