Homemade Christmas gift ideas.

With Christmas coming up and still being on the job hunt, my only real option for presents this year is to try and make some – and I use the word try because even though I am mentally creative, my artistic skills are slim to none. But I’m going to try anyway, in hope that my family and friends appreciate my attempt given my current financial situation.

So here are a few ideas to help you out if you too need to get crafty this season:

Homemade Candles. 

b18d98e6d2510e5cebc9d60d2895489f                                                                                                  Image found on Pinterest.com

This is such a cute idea for any friend or family member that takes pride in their home or just appreciates a good smell. I particularly love this post with the teacups holding the candles, but you can easily use jars for an equally cute look. The best thing about this present is that it can be tailored to each person depending on what smells and colours they love. For example, my brother’s girlfriend would love a coffee bean scent, whereas my mum is definitely more of a berry kind of candle girl.

Find out how to make them here.

Infused Olive Oil.

9af6a8d570c04b48315556050e924cea                                                                                               Image found on Pinterest.com

This one is perfect for all those in the family obsessed with cooking (probably a great gift for myself too if I’m honest). Not only are they super easy and beyond cute – in those little milk bottles particularly – but they can be made to meet the taste of it’s user. Plonk a selection in a little milk crate and this is an adorable and tasty present.

Find out how to make them here.

Homemade Body Butter.

3d0cad886b435079474dbe520a5abf4f                                                                                           Image found on Pinterest.com

I don’t know any girl that wouldn’t love this as a gift – I mean who doesn’t enjoy being as smooth as possible and smelling great? What’s great is that it’s so easy and affordable to make that you can accidentally on purpose make some extra for yourself. Bonus.

You can find out how to make 16 different types here.

Polaroid Coasters.

gallery-1476236977-clx0513062a                                                                              Image found on darkroomanddearly.com

This is such a cute idea I can’t even deal. I just love the polaroid look on these clean white coasters and they will go in just about any house. This would be great for personal photos as well (I can already see my nephew’s little face on there), but I do really love  how they look with this beaut photography too.

Find out how to make these your own here.

Lip Balm.

diy-lip-balm-2                                                                                      Image found on Pinterest.com

This one is perfect for a stocking filler this season and can be made with pretty much any ingredient you can imagine. With just three counterparts needed to create this thoughtful and moisturising gift, there really is no reason to not stuff all your friends and family’s stockings with this one.

Find out how to make them here.


If you guys think of any other easy DIY gifts I can explore this holiday season, be sure to let me know!



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