The silent visitor.

So I edited my story! Find the edited second part at the bottom of this post. Let me know what you think.

'Where do the ducks go?'

My favourite black army boots make no sound as they hit the white marble kitchen floor. If nothing else good came from last night, at least I was forced to clean my boots. No way could I leave here undetected if they were in their normal state. My roommate always comments on my ability to gather mud on my feet. If only she knew how it got there in the first place, maybe she wouldn’t laugh as she rolled her eyes at me.

Straightening myself from my landing, I take a look around the kitchen that used to be filled with my family’s laughter. It looks nothing like it did back then, but that didn’t surprise me. Humans are never satisfied. Running my gloved fingers along the sparkling counter top and up a lipstick stained wine glass, I shake my head in sadness. There are a lot of things I…

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