7 Benefits of a long distance relationship

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely downsides to being away from your other half – I mean whose going to stroke your hair until you sleep and bring you food when you’re on your period, right? But there can be aspects of the situation that can be beneficial for both of you individually and for the relationship itself.

1. If you can keep a relationship alive while being apart, you’re pretty much the King and Queen (or Queen and Queen/King and King) of communication – go you!

Everyone knows that in any relationship, communication is key. But when you spend all your time together it’s easy to forget how to actually communicate the way you feel and work through it together. When you’re apart however, communication is basically your forte and you’ll have all your friends envious of your ability to squash any debate peacefully and efficiently.

2. You keep your independence.

itmyyctb5668b8485c7ce533640347     source://tumblr.com

I am a super independent person so this one is particularly important to me. I love being able to do things on my own and have some ‘me time’ with no guilt from another person. I’m sorry, but I’m just not ready to get permission to blow my own pay cheque.

3. It forces you to make more of an effort with one another.

echar-los-perros     source://tumblr.com

It can be easy when you’re with each other everyday, to spend your evenings in front of your phone, checking social media and finding pointless memes (we’ve all done it). So when you see each other less, you instantly make more of an effort to make those times that much more memorable.

4. It makes each time you see each other more special.

tumblr_n77zt66ixk1rac0mvo1_500     source://giphy.com

Which of course means that when you do see each other, it’s that much more special.

5. You don’t have to work hard at balancing your friends and S.O.

tumblr_o2i3bruv2d1v64cjbo1_500   source://tumblr.com

This is definitely one of the most challenging things of any relationship and if you can nail it while living in each other’s pockets straight off the bat then great, but sometimes it’s easier if you start off in different places. No longer will you have to face your friend’s disappointment as you turn them down, yet again, for your other half – and when you do, they can’t be mad because it takes planning and money to see each other.

6. You get really good at the romantic stuff.

tumblr_mexq789iyH1rwz5i1o1_500.gif   source://tumblr.com

Because beforehand you would have thought dancing with no music in the living room was lame, but now you totally get it.

7. You never get bored of hearing from one another.

anigif_c4f100334271dc5a890483fa0904b6b5-1     source://giphy.com

Yes, you will end up being one of those annoying couples that can’t get enough of each other’s voices, but so what, you’re adorable!



4 thoughts on “7 Benefits of a long distance relationship

    1. I am currently in one with my boyfriend after spending a whole year in the same room in Australia. It is hard, but it’s nice to appreciate one another again. Ideally, we all need a balance between the two extremes, but nothing worth having comes easy I guess haha x


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