My Travel Destination Bucket List

Since being home from Aus, I have started to think about where I want to go next (naturally), and I decided to make a travel bucket list to make sure I don’t miss anything out along the way.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana 


I have always wanted to go here, it looks so colourful and interesting. I can’t wait to get stuck into all it’s culture and tasty menus.

2. Disney World, Florida

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Okay, I have already been here when I was a kid but I really want to go again now that I am older and can appreciate it in a new light. – Especially now that Harry Potter world is there and Star Wars world is on it’s way, I have to go!

3. Miami, Florida


I am going to be brutally honest with you on this one, I want to go for the sun, sea and the awesome Latina culture.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada


Who doesn’t want to go to Las Vegas in their 20’s, really? Gambling, glam and drinks come my way please.

5. Dubai


I am so intrigued by this country and all it’s expensive taste. Although, I will be staying away from the tallest building in the world – no thank you.

6. Barbados, Caribbean 


The blueness of these oceans are calling my name. I want to be floating for days amongst it’s calm waters with a mojito in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands


I know most people want to go here for the sex museum (amongst other things), but I am so eager to get to their cheese museum. It sounds like my ideal day out, to be honest.

8. Prague


I have heard a lot about this awesome city, from free drinks to its Gothic culture, I can’t wait to see all it has to offer.

9. Berlin, Germany


As a foodie, I naturally love a good bread pretzel and German sausage – they are my favourite part of any Christmas market or festival. So of course, I want to go to the source and try to find the best one out there.

10. Cannes, South of France


The desire to go here has admittedly come from the Made in Chelsea cast, who all love to vacay there. I want nothing but champagne and shopping.

11. Bali, Asia


I know a lot of people that went to Bali in the past year and I have to admit, I am officially intrigued. It’s almost like the new Thailand in travelling terms. I have never been to Asia and it’s always been on my agenda, and I definitely don’t expect to get the whole Asian experience from one location, but why not start here?

12. Iceland


This place looks so picturesque, I think I will spend the whole trip blown away – and I can’t wait to lose my breath to Iceland.

13. Vancouver, Canada


Admittedly, when the UK voted to leave the EU, I legit debated leaving for this beautiful country. But being away from my family for as long as I was when I was in Aus, I don’t think I could do it forever. But I definitely want to explore it’s epic lakes and mountains.

14. India


My friend when to India a few years ago and loved it and since then it has been on my list. And when she told me they literally eat curry for every meal, I was pretty much booking my flight.

15. Mexico


I was so close to going to Cancun when I was in America, but unfortunately it was just too expensive. However, I am determined to go and experience Mexico properly (I cannot wait for the food).

16. Budapest, Hungary


Have you seen the night parties they have here in those huge heated pools? I have to go.

17. Venice, Italy


This one has been on my list since I can remember, and I need to see it before it sinks. Venice oozes culture and history and I love that, I think this one is the highest on my list.

18. Rome, Italy 


After exploring Venice, I might as well pop over and explore everything that Italy’s capital has to offer. I also love Italian food so, hello carbs.


2 thoughts on “My Travel Destination Bucket List

  1. Amsterdam is wonderful and so close to you. I would be going there every chance that I could get if I lived in the UK. Prague was beautiful. Budapest looked better at night than during the day.

    check out Iceland Air. They have some great deals and tour with Iceland Tourism to get people like you and me to travel there. I know they have some great mid-winter deals from time to time. why not go then? the crowds are minimal and you get to see the northern lights. dress warm tho.

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