17 Life lessons Lauren Conrad taught us.

It might be six years since the conclusion of The Hills (and even longer since we lost Lauren’s guidance), but the queen of eye rolling and the single tear drop taught us all some pretty important life lessons during her time on air. Be it friendship advice or how to have the most perfect hair in history, we can’t thank you enough Lauren. Thanks for all your wisdom and style.

Here are just a few ways in which she has helped us all:

  1. Sometimes you just have ditch the negativity and move on.


2. If you make a mistake, it’s best to just own up to it.


3. It’s important to tell your friends when they’re slacking.

giphy (9)source://www.tumblr.com

4. And to leave them behind when they’ve had enough chances.

giphy (11)source://www.tumblr.com

5. And of course, how to make sure we don’t fall in that department ourselves.


6. The importance of knowing your self-worth.


7. Because let’s be honest, boys are stupid anyway.

giphy (10)

8. That time she taught us just how wrong it is to wear combat boots to the beach.


9. The importance of having standards.


10. That we should always be honest with our feelings.


11. And let’s not forget the time she spoke nothing but truth about men.


12. When she taught us a lesson our parents have tried to teach us our whole lives, but of course because she’s on TV, actually succeeded.


13. That no matter how much you are hurt it’s important to stay positive.


14. When it was like she was looking into every boy we’ve ever known’s soul.


15. And how we all feel when we ultimately cut them loose.


16. The ultimate lesson we all learnt in our twenties.


17. And of course, the most important lesson of all…


Thanks Lauren!




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