Silent Visitor Pt.2

Read part one here.


I wince at the thought of all our recent fighting. My mother hated it when we fought and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with guilt, looking at the corner of the room where she would sit and braid my hair as a child.

“You mustn’t fight with you brother so much Mia,” she’d say brushing my hair back gently with her fingers. “He’s just trying to protect you, it’s only natural for an older brother. It makes your father and I unhappy to see you bicker.”

“Sorry mother,” I would say. I really did mean to stop, even back then. I hated the thought of upsetting her and father, but it’s always been difficult between my brother and I, and it seems nothing has changed. I must try harder with Lew; I tell myself before heading back through the kitchen to the cellar door.

I hesitate slightly as my perfectly manicured hands – I seriously love this shade of midnight blue against my pale skin – hovers over the shiny handle. I remember how much I hated this cellar when I was a child. I had always imagined it to be filled with monsters, ready to eat us as soon as we slept. It’s funny really, I realise, now that I know there definitely are such things as monsters, I’m no longer afraid. We’re not that bad.

Suddenly, realising that I haven’t hunted in three days, I decide to get it over with as fast as possible so I can fit a dear or two in before heading back to the city. Besides, I need all the strength I can get to deal with everything going on. Trying to forget the gruelling weeks ahead of me, I use my speed and get to the foot of the stairs in a half a second. I had gotten so used to not using my abilities for the past few months, I had forgotten how good it felt to move my body the way it was intended to move. Being supernatural felt completely natural to me, maybe I had missed it. I can never let Lew know he may have been right to drag me back to my old life, I’ll never hear the end of it, I shudder.

I spot a pile of boxes in the corner of the basement and within an instant they’re across the room and I’m face to face with the trapped door buried beneath them. Wiping as much dust away as I can, I grab the iron handle with my right hand and lift it open as if opening a plastic toy box. I didn’t even chip a nail, result. Using my enhanced vision to see through the dust clouds, I notice a small oval object at the bottom of the hole.

Yes, it’s still here.



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