How to quickly relieve painful armpit lumps.

Benign arm pit lumps are all too common to us ladies thanks to shaving and keeping ourselves super fresh, and they can be pretty damn painful when they want to be. So much so that last week I wasn’t even able to lift my arm or use it for too much – which as a barista is pretty damn difficult – so it’s important to know how to get a little quick relief.

(Okay I’m going to say it before this goes any further. This post may be a little bit gross, but my life was literally controlled by one of these things last week and I would have loved for somebody to tell me how to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so I’m sorry but I’m not sorry).

Here are some top tips, tried and tested by yours truly:

Stop washing with soaps or shaving your underarms.

This one is so important. As soon as you find it stop using shower gels or soaps there and definitely don’t shave it again. I know this one is rough, but it’s so important and people around you will just have to deal. We all smell really, ha.

Bathe it in salt water three times a day.

Feta - Salt for brinesource://     by thelir

This was the first thing I did when I found the lump. It’s no secret that salt water does wonders for the skin and fighting infections. Be sure to use cooking salt and plenty of it. I poured just enough boiling water over the top of my salt to cover it and let it dissolve and cool slightly (yes it will be hot when you apply it, but that’s good). The reason it’s best to use boiling water is of course because it is sterilised then. Just soak a cotton pad in the water for a few seconds and then apply. Do this for five minutes a time.

Bathe it in apple cider vinegar once a day.

This method helped me so so much. Be warned though, it smells SO bad – which isn’t great given that you can’t use soap after – but it has huge antibacterial properties and seriously helps with inflammation so will be worth it in the end. To get rid of as much stench as you can afterwards though, soak it with warm water for a bit or take a nice soapless shower.

Combine the same amount of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl and leave to combine and cool for a few moments. Again use boiling water to ensure it’s as clean as possible and use a cotton pad to soak the lump for approximately five minutes a time, just like with the salt water.

Sleep with a warm compress on it.

Hot water bottlesource:    by James Petts

This is easily done if you own a hot water bottle – and if you don’t I have no idea why not because they’re the answer to everything. Simply sleep with your arm as far up as it can be raised with it rested on the affected area or wedge it in between your arm if you struggle to lift your arm too high. This will work wonders for the lump while you’re asleep.

Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated is vital in most cases but even more so here as it helps your skin repair itself quicker. Because of this however it might be an idea to cut back on the caffeine (I know, I know blasphemy but it could really help you in your time of need).

Get your fair share of vitamin C.


Everybody knows that Vitamin C is the best thing to help you fight infection and help heal wounds, and that’s no exception here either. I normally consume 1000mg of Vitamin C in a tablet daily anyway because I am probably a little bit too obsessed with my gums and it’s super helpful for them too, but when I was going through this hideousness, I also drank A LOT of fruit juice for that extra boost.

Rub on some lemon juice.

If the wound is open I don’t know how much I would recommend this one but because mine was just a lump under the skin, this helped loads as it’s adding even more vitamin C to the equation. Be sure to add a tiny bit of salt to reduce the sting.


Hope your arm gets better soon!



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