12 things I miss most about the UK.

Feature Image by: Moyan Brenn


In less than four weeks I start my loooong journey home, and I am pretty damn excited. As much as I have loved my time in Australia, there are some things that I just can’t wait to back to – other than my friends and family of course.

Being able to buy alcohol in a supermarket.

Seems a bit of a simple thing to miss, but it makes a spontaneous wine night that much more possible. Plus who doesn’t want vodka delivered to your door while you’re in your Pyjamas? Crazy people, that’s who.

Not being able to walk 10 yards without walking past a Greggs.

Nothing will ever compare to their chicken mayo baguettes and cheese and onion pasties. Never again will I take you for granted, Greggs. Never again.

4912source://the guardian

Being greeted in the street by complete strangers, just to be polite.

I know us British folk are considered ‘over-polite’ to pretty much every other nation in the world, but when you’ve grown up around it it’s hard to not expect it on a daily basis. And trust me, I’ve tried it with other nationalities and they literally look so confused, ha.

The beauty that is a good old fish and chips Friday night tea.

Sorry to say it world, but nobody does fish and chips quite like us Brits. I have tried it here and you Aussies didn’t do too bad (especially on the coast, yum) but nothing beats my local chippy. My biggest question however is this: why doesn’t anyone serve it with vinegar here?! Vinegar is the best part.

Good old fashioned British TV.

There is nothing quite like a Saturday night on the sofa binge watching Red Dwarf followed by a bit of TOWIE. And don’t even get me started on the ads here and in the states. So many goddamn ads.



Being asked if I want a cuppa every time I walk through a door.

There is something so homely about walking into a house and your friend or family automatically sticking the kettle on to make you a brew. I mean, you can’t catch up or discuss your daily plans without a cup of tea, right? Plus, I cannot wait to get home and get my very own tea set.

Being back in a place where broadcasting is a tad more professional. 

Don’t get me wrong Australia, I have warmed to some of your radio shows. Whether that has something to do with the fact I listen to it everyday at work, or whether I am getting used to your humour I don’t know. But claiming that there are only nine seasons of FRIENDS and then not correcting yourself or even apologising for such blasphemy, would not slide in the UK. I guess this one all boils down to me missing the beaut that is Nick Grimshaw in the morning. Sorry.

Getting back to a place where measurements make sense. 

I mean seriously, what is this ‘kilo’, ‘kilometres’, ‘metres’ bullshit. I miss ‘miles’ and ‘stone’ like you wouldn’t believe.

Being around people that take queuing as seriously as myself. 

I just don’t understand why queuing politely isn’t universal knowledge? Are we no better than animals. Wait your turn and be quiet.

7041297687_d6d253d8c2_o.jpgsource:// https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/ by Dave Collier

Hearing words pronounced correctly.

I mean come on, ‘datta’. Nope.

Being around people that know UK places other than London.

As a Brit there is actually nothing more boring or frustrating than talking to someone from another country and all they ask you is stuff about London. I don’t know, I have been there twice. Besides, if you actually want the ‘full British experience’ the last place you want to go is London. In fact, it’s probably the least ‘British’ place in the entire. country.

Getting back to witty people.

Aussies have a pretty good sense of humour and most of you understand us when we’re being witty. But there is definitely a barrier there and we certainly haven’t seen as much as we would back home. Every time I Skype my dad I am reminded what a beautifully witty nation we are.





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