11 signs you’re addicted to reality TV.

We all have that one or two (or 15) favourite shows that you can watch over and over and pretty much run your life around their air-time, yeah? Well admittedly most of mine are reality shows. Sorry not sorry, I am addicted. If you’re wondering whether you too share my addiction here are some tell tale signs! P.S. If you are, don’t fret. Just enjoy it. I do.

1. Too often you compare your real life friends to your reality TV friends. 


2. You have each and every cast member from your favourite shows on social media. And you never miss a post.


3. You run your whole life as if you’ve landed your very own reality show.


4. Every season premier feels like the ultimate friend reunion.


5. There is absolutely no chance of your friends making plans or even talking to you when your show is on. 

giphy (4)source://giphy.com

6. Nothing is more satisfying that pushing your addiction onto a friend and knowing how much they have yet to learn.


7. Your whole life consists of watching re-runs of all your favourite shows to see how far your favourite stars have come and of course, relive all their drama and heartache.

giphy (5).gifsource://www.giphy.com

8. You often forget you’re not part of the show yourself and frequently overreact to everything.


9. You have given up looking for love because you’re too caught up in the drama of your fave reality couple. 


10. You know people look down on you for watching this ‘trash’, but you literally couldn’t care less.

giphy (3).gif

11. Overall, you definitely feel more passionate about your favourite star’s happiness than your own.

Well maybe not technically, seeing as their happiness makes you happier than a puppy at Christmas. Yes, really. That much.



Let me know which reality shows are your fave!




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