We finally went to Sydney!

After being here for 10 months now, I think this is probably long overdue. But my boyfriend and I went with his parents (who are out here for a month), to visit the ever so famous Sydney. And I loved it.

First of all I made a huge mistake with the hotel – I seriously don’t know why Adam let’s me book things – and ended up paying another £300 to get it right. But it was totally worth it as this ended up being our view:


Insane right? So I can’t really complain too much.

When we got there it was about 10am so we decided to spend the first day just doing some touristy things, like seeing the harbour bridge, seeing the opera house and going up the Sydney Tower before heading to Darling Harbour for a nice lobster dinner… I mean it would be rude not to really.

When I saw the opera house it was a pretty surreal experience to be honest. When you see something so grand for the first time it’s pretty breathtaking and I never expected to be as blown away by it as I was. I knew it was a historic, legendary building but it’s just a building, right? But it honestly knocked me speechless.

I mean just look at it:


It’s absolutely incredible. Definitely the best part of the trip. Here are a few more pictures from the Sydney Tower and of the Harbour Bridge:



It was all so incredible we had to stop and have a cheeky cocktail in front of it:


On the second evening, my boyfriend and his parents had planned to do the bridge climb – I am just too terrified of heights to give it a go, sorry haha – so in the day we decided to go to Bondi beach. And it was pretty insane…



We even paid $13 to enter the public pool and get these shots:



(It was too bloody cold to go in, I honestly don’t know how those people are doing it)!

On third day however, we went off to do something a little sentimental for the Wigfield family, and I just tagged along ha. When Adam’s dad was a young boy his family lived in Manly, Sydney. So we decided to take a ferry and go explore the little beach town and even go and see where they used to live. Here are just some of the photos from this amazing place:


I mean why would you leave this for Sheffield?!?

On the fourth and final day we actually went to Tooronga Zoo which was in a breathtaking location with incredible views of the harbour (and some pretty cute animals too ha), but our camera ran out of battery and of course the boyfriend forgot to pack it – whoops. But just know this, if you do ever get the chance to go to Sydney, you have to go to this zoo. You don’t want to miss out.





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