Chamomile: The tea of treatments.

If you haven’t gathered already (from my clear obsession with using coconut oil to fix all my life problems), I am a bit of a natural remedy nerd.

It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a fear or dislike of modern medicine, I just find the whole thing incredibly interesting – plus the Chinese are big on natural remedies and they’re all beautiful and generally healthy people, so why not give it a whirl?

So this week, I learned some pretty interesting stuff about my good old friend Chamomile – if you don’t have a cup before bed every night, you’re missing out – and thought I would share it all with you.

6586250633_9460e678ab_o.jpgphoto credit:fromglasstograss

It’s Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory

Over 50% of Americans suffer from some kind of gum disease, it’s sad but true. So much so, that some dentists now believe that it can’t just be bad oral hygiene that factors towards it as it is so common, but luckily if you catch it early enough, it is fixable.

Of course there are many medicines and prescribed mouthwashes that can help you get your gums back to perfect help, but why not try some home remedies first? Chamomile helps bring down swelling, so using as a mouthwash would start to bring down though swollen gums in no time.

Additionally, if you have a wound anywhere on your body simply apply some warm chamomile tea to it a few times a day to help kill the germs. I particularly found this works well with bug bites seeing as I tend to swell up pretty bad from them, dabbing a chamomile soaked cloth on them for a few minutes definitely helps bring them down – I can’t say it does much for the unbearable itching though, unfortunately.

Plus, just drinking the stuff can help battle any cold or viral infection. So get supping this stuff guys, winter is coming. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Helps Soothe Stomach Aches

If you weren’t interested before, but suffer from intense period cramps, you should be interested now. I have always experienced crippling stomach cramps for as long as I can remember, and unless a medicine has codeine in (which many over the counter ones don’t), it’s going to do nothing for me.

Typically I have to go old school and apply a hot water bottle to the area to feel any relief, but whenever I feel particularly crippling I have a cup of chamomile and it pretty much instantly soothe my stomach. This is also pretty handy if you suffer from IBS and have to deal with cramps more regularly.

Promotes Sleep

This was my original reason for drinking chamomile. If you’re anything like me and suffer from an awful nights sleep whenever you’re stressed out or nervous (pretty much every 20-something-year-old thinking about their future), this is definitely worth trying.

I tried pretty much everything to get myself to sleep better, I ignored any screen for a good hour beforehand, I read and read until I felt sleepy and I even tried those natural tablets that supposedly aid sleep, but still nothing.

Now I drink a cup every night, purely out of habit and knowledge of it’s benefits I guess, but I tend to sleep pretty well no matter how much I am over-thinking or worrying about things.


Promotes Healthy Skin

This one might be pretty obvious given that it works as an anti-bacterial and ant-inflammatory component, but given how much we all want good skin I felt it needed a section all to itself.

If you suffer from bad acne or eczema you should definitely try consuming a cup of chamomile everyday as it will help soothe any open sores or bad patches pretty quickly. Plus, thanks to all that extra sleep you’ll be getting, you’re skin will be glowing in no time.


Reduces Dark Circles

Dark circles around my eyes have been the bane of my life since I turned 21. They’re evil and need to be destroyed. Admittedly, I have tried a few eye creams that are designed to help to calm them down, and maybe they have just – slightly- but not enough.

I thought I was going to be stuck with them forever, until a friend told me to start applying a couple of chamomile tea bags to my eyes a few times a week to start seeing a big improvement. So far I have done this twice and already notices my eyes are brighter, I can’t wait to see how much further it helps.

Relieves Dandruff

Everybody can get a flaky scalp from time to time. Some people experience it regularly while others can get it after a sunburn to the scalp or from using products that just don’t agree with them. Either way, it’s a pretty annoying condition to have.

But it can be easily helped. Simply rinse your scalp with some chamomile and water (best to boil and leave to cool slightly in order to get all the benefits of the leaves), to help calm down any flakes you may have. Try a few times a week until you see results.


If you don’t have a box of chamomile in your cupboard already, I hope this convinces you to go get some, right now. The best thing about it all, is that you can get 20 tea bags for about £2. Who can complain about that?!





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