7 types of simmers.

I have to admit, I am really into sims. I don’t care what you say, it’s fun. But I definitely tend to categorise myself as a specific type of simmer. You know, the type that uses cheats, gets the odd expansion pack when I have the money and likes to repeatedly build houses. You definitely know the type I mean.

But it seems that there are many more out there (it seems weird that people play it differently to how I do, but apparently they do). So here’ a list of the different types of simmers in the world. Which one are you?

  1. The die-hard fan.


These are the simmers that recreate their favourite fictional characters or celebrities, build the set they have seen them in and act out things that have happened or they wish had happened in their story. Admittedly, I have dabbled in this method a little. I am a huge Kardashian-Jenner fan (sorry, not sorry) and an even bigger Vampire Diaries fan, it’s been impossible to resist creating them on sims. It was epic by the way. Everything I imagined it would be.

2. The tragic realist.


I personally don’t see the point in sims without cheats. I mean, every now and then I look after my sims myself – mainly because I get a weird thrill out of routine and cooking meals on the sims – but it isn’t vital that I do it all the time. How do these simmers accomplish any goals?

But the thing I don’t understand the most about these simmers are that they recreate the house they live in, even if that house is a tiny studio apartment in the heart of London that has a hideous damp problem. Like seriously? Help me out here guys. Why?

3. The skill-builder.


So I found out that I’m not the only one that has a weird obsession with building my sim’s skills. No seriously, it gives me a weird anxiety if they haven’t completed all their skills before they age to an official adult. There is something so satisfying in seeing all those completed skill bars, I just can’t explain it. I tend to ensure that this has happened before I really focus on much else. But admittedly, that can get a little boring, so I do tend to mix it up a bit with a baby or something here and there – because, why not?

4. The completer. 


This type of gamer becomes obsessed with completing everything there is to complete on this game. Be it one or more career paths, the life time aspiration goals or even every single little whim… or even all of the above.

5. The secretly sadistic player.


Seriously, have you seen those articles about the weirdest things people do to their sims? We’re talking creating entire haunted church grounds to send a priest insane and underground artist prisons here. There are some seriously intense simmers out there with pretty creative imaginations who like to push their sims to their limits for entertainment. Lets just hope it stays in the game, hey?

6. The storyteller.


These simmers reflect their own stories into their sims, so for example create their family and play out their lives either to how it is exactly, or how they would want it to be if they could. Haven’t we all made ourselves on sims before? I love doing this – but admittedly I explore aspirations I probably wouldn’t in real life, you know, just for fun.

7. The ultimate controlling God.


This kind of player isn’t satisfied with just controlling one household, so instead they build an entire world to rule. This sounds like the best course for those who love to build on the game as it gives plenty of opportunities to try new designs. Also, it gives you the chance to try out different career paths all at once.


What type of simmer are you? Let me know!





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