10 times Kylie Jenner was every single one of us.

Firstly, sorry I didn’t post on Tuesday. I am currently super sick thanks to one of my ten current housemates (yes really), and I can only just see past the mountain of tissues that surround my life. I have decided to start posting fiction every Friday as of next week, hopefully on top of my usual three posts. So keep a look out and link me to any fiction you guys are writing in the the comments below 🙂

Since it was Kylie Jenner’s 19th birthday yesterday (August 10th) I thought I would do a post honouring one of my favourite Kardashian/Jenner sisters, and all the times she was just like the rest of us little people.

  1. When you’re on your period hunting for carbs and your dad just don’t understand.


It’s obviously completely normal that I just ate a whole pizza, a loaf of bread and two doughnuts and I’m still hungry. You don’t understand, dad.

2. When you’re too stubborn to admit you’re wrong and want bae to just forget it.


“Wanna go get some food?” *Angel face*

3. When some chick you barely know starts telling you her life story in the club.


Girl please keep it to yourself, you’re killing my vibe.

4. When you’re trying to keep your cool when you’re sibling is testing your patience.
giphy (1)source://tumblr.com

Only until your mum leaves, then you’re going to lose your shit. Obvs.

5. When you start your first graduate job and realise why people love caffeine so much. 


Like seriously, where’s the coffee?

6. When you’re trying to be sexy but get distracted by french fries.


Sorry boo. Food comes first.

7. Getting ready for a night out and ditching your hair unwashed, naked face “I don’t give a fuck” look you rock all week.


Thanks god for contouring.

8. When you’re best friend tries to tell you she’s defs going to the gym today and all she gon’ eat is salad.


Okay girl, see you at KFC for dinner yeah?

9. When you bring a love interest home for the first time when you’re still not serious yet.

Living at home is the worst.

10. And finally, I think this is each and every one of us every single day.


Am I wrong?


Happy Birthday Kylie!



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