Do you know ALL the beauty benefits of coconut oil?!

We all know that coconut oil has health benefits. It can help you burn more fats, fight off infection and even acts as a pretty good sunscreen. But do you know all the beauty hacks you can use it for?

It works as an intense moisturising mask for dry, brittle hair.

Soak your ends in coconut oil and wrap them with cling film, leave for an hour (or if you’re lazy like me, just leave overnight) and let it work it’s magic. But please be sure to wash your hair twice to ensure it all comes out though, otherwise you’ll just be disappointed.

It helps stimulate hair growth.



Not only is it worth putting a bit of it on your ends, but it can help out your roots too. Simply massage into your scalp for 5-10 minutes before washing to encourage long, healthy locks. The only warning for this is that it actually takes at least three washes to ensure your roots aren’t greasy. And you need to scrub… a lot. So many times I have thought it was all out and then ended up having to rewash my hair in the bathroom sink. Not cool.

It actually gets rid of Keratosis pilaris (those annoying bumps on your upper arm).

I  hate these things. Like actually hate them. I have tried exfoliating intensely along with endless creams supposedly designed for this problem, but nothing works like coconut oil. Just take your miracle jar into the shower and rub it on your skin with some gloves to remove any dead skin cells. This isn’t something that is solved in one use however, so be sure to add this into your routine for permanent smooth arms.

It helps fix dry skin.

I have the worst dry skin on my nose. Like serious flakeage (gross right?). And it just never seems to budge, no matter what moisturiser, serum or mask I buy. But coconut oil on over night works better than anything I have found.

It strengths your nails.


Admittedly I bite my nails – I know, I know such a sin, but I just can’t help it. But of course that means that I regularly get acrylics applied which we all know makes your real nails turn to mush. But if you apply coconut to your cuticles it will keep your nails sturdy and strong. You know, just until you can afford your next set obvs.

It works as an exfoliator. 

Who needs to go out buying expensive scrubs when they have coconut oil lying around? All you need to do is add three tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of sugar together and you’ll have one of the most natural exfoliators you’ll find. Plus it really does leave your skin glowing.

It’s the perfect natural lip balm and plumper.


Want lips like Kylie Jenner’s? Okay, well it probably won’t do that but it’s a good place to start. Not only does coconut oil heal any cracked or dry lips that come your way (I’m looking at you winter), but it also acts as a natural lip plumper when mixed with cayenne pepper and cinnamon. Just soak into your pout for about 10 minutes before thoroughly washing away – and yes, this will tingle like heck.

It works as an effective make up brush cleaner.

As much as I love having expensive make up brushes, I am so reluctant to buy expensive brush cleaner. Which makes no sense I know, because it is so important to keep your brushes clean to ensure they apply your make up well.

But if you heat up some coconut oil in the microwave for about 30 seconds and dip your brushes into it before dabbing with a paper towel and rinsing with warm water, your brushes will be clean and bacteria free, without the major price tag.

It makes eyelashes fuller and longer.

If coconut oil works on the hair on your head, it can encourage thick, healthy locks elsewhere too… including your eyelashes. Just apply a tiny amount (no seriously just a tiny amount unless you want to freak out and think you’ve lost your vision like I did the first time), before going to sleep and wash your face in the morning as usual for thick, full lashes. Who has time for mascara anyway?

It can be used to deep clean your teeth and gums.


Oil pulling – as it’s called- is something that’s been used to improve not only oral health but your general health for centuries. Simply melt a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for twenty minutes (which admittedly seems excessive and is pretty difficult but worth it), before rinsing your mouth with water. This effectively is believed to draw out all the toxins in your body, for an overall healthier you and brilliant set of pearly whites.

Want to know the best thing about coconut oil though? It does all these things yet only costs £12 a litre on Bargain.

Let me know if you use coconut for anything else!



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