Wolf Girl

Okay, so this is the first time I have published any of my fiction writing on here – or anywhere for that matter – so please be kind. At the same time though, I would love any feedback anybody has. This is definitely only a first draft so I won’t be offended. I already know that I sometimes struggle with switching tenses, so if you see that happening please help me haha. 

This is just a small section of a story I am only just starting to develop. If you have any thoughts where this could go from here, I would love to hear that too. 

Thanks guys, enjoy!


Wolf Girl.

Sheltered by the clouded moonlight, I buried my white snout into the wet sand. There is nothing quite like a crab chase to get your mind off a bad day, and mine was definitely bad. I had no idea how to get myself out of this one, so instead; I hunted.

As my paws gently patted over the wet sand, I listened closely for the scuttling of legs and tapping of pincers just below the surface. I love crab. Whenever the moon was hidden, I made my way to the beach to feed on them. It was the only time my kind could enjoy the beach and all its hidden snacks. I’ve lived my whole life here in Gearhart, Oregon [I wanted a small beach town to base my wolves, if you have any other thoughts on this, please voice them – maybe I should go fictional?] We all have. My family and the families of the rest of my pack just like all our ancestors before us. That was until I did the unspeakable and moved away last year.

It’s just easier to live in a place filled with your history when you’re like us, my father used to tell me. I mean, I guess he was right. It was much harder than I thought, having to hide who I am from absolutely everyone around me. At least here I have my people and the rest of the town, well they didn’t know anything for sure, but they know their history and most believed and respected it. Yep, being away this past year has definitely made me appreciate things about home, about who I am. For one thing, Boston didn’t have any forests for me to run freely through at night, and even if it did, what if I had been seen? People don’t hunt here, just in case the rumours are true.

To be honest with you, I never knew spending so much time in my human form would be so uncomfortable. For so long, I craved to leave my true self behind and just be a normal teenage girl, but after a while it started to ache like a limb that desperately needed to be stretched. And boy did I miss chasing crabs. Just one more before I head back home, I thought.

I pricked up my ears and listened intently. I could feel them attempting to run away from my heightened senses, as I located one scuttle in particular. There was one just below my paws; there was no way it was going to get away. Without a second thought, I plunged my face into the sand, mouth open and teeth ready to capture my final piece of dinner. Delicious, I thought as I crunched down on its hard shell and lapped up its perfect taste. I really do love crab.




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