How to sneak alcohol into a festival.

As you know, I am currently travelling in Australia. And apparently the Aussies don’t let you take alcohol into festivals – not even into the campsite – I know right? Horrific. So as Splendour in the Grass creeps up on us we’ve found ourselves trying to find ways to sneak it in (because you know, I’m not paying like $10 for a wine all weekend), and I thought I’d share our ideas with you just in case you ever need to abide by such atrocious rules.


Put it in your shower gel bottle.

No joke, this one is definitely our favourite right now. I know what you’re thinking though, won’t it just taste like soap? Yes, if you just clean it out with water then yes it will. But not if you use lemon juice.

Simply remove the soap, clean out with nearly boiling water and lemon juice a few times and there you go. Vodka in a soap bottle. You’re welcome.

Strap an alcohol-filled hot water bottle to your body.

This one provides you with a pretty big bottle of vodka easily concealed under a big jumper. The strapping to your body of course is just in case they decide to open it up and give it a sniff while searching through your stuff (yes they can be this strict here). Be sure it’s new though, otherwise that is just gross.

Inject vodka into your fruit.

This one is both bullet-proof and delicious. I have personally done it with a watermelon before (which will admittedly take more time and effort), but it could easily be done to grapes and oranges.

Just purchase a syringe from the chemist (size depending on the size of the fruit obviously), and inject vodka every few hours after removing as much water as possible beforehand (also with the syringe).

Soak gummy bears with your booze.

Not a huge fan of fruit? Fair enough, who wants to be healthy at a festival? If you have a few days left to prepare still then definitely give this one a try.

Place the bears into a container with enough vodka to cover them. Then place the sealed container into the fridge for about 2-3 days, stirring occasionally. I am actually sad I didn’t find out about this one sooner to be honest, I love gummy bears and love vodka.

Buy products that help you disguise your alcohol.

Obviously there are products available to help you do this. For example, there are sports bras that hold a whole bottle of wine, sun cream bottle flasks, or of course a seat cushion with a hidden flask – because why not?

Replace a water sack with a goon sack.

Translation for all non-Aussies: get a box of water (yes that’s a thing apparently) similar to a box of wine and replace the sack of water inside with the sack inside a box of wine. We just did this, so I’ll let you know how successful it is.


Regardless of how you get alcohol into the festival this year, be sure to drink it responsibly! Happy camping.




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