Game of Thrones Reaction!

Now I know what I’m about to reveal about myself might lose me some friends, but I can’t write this without doing so, so here it goes… I have only just completed season five of Game of Thrones. I know, I know, I’m sorry okay? I just didn’t realise how good it was before  and thought it was hyped up so much that it must have been overrated, but I completely understand now. I sincerely apologise for my previous lack of faith. But what’s important now is that I’m fully converted and invested into this epic TV show.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I only finished season five last night – so please no season six spoilers here – and I just couldn’t contain my reaction.

First of all, how do they successfully make you feel sorry for someone you used to loath? Like seriously. The moment the Queen Mother was taken by the High Septom, I was thrilled. Finally, I thought, we were going to see this woman get everything she deserved – not to mention it would have been one less person out there wanting to hurt my beloved Sansa (I have a strong connection with the eldest Stark, sorry). But as she stripped down and walked through the streets of Kings Landing to nothing but abuse and piles of shit in her face, I felt a strong sense of pity well up inside of me. Damn you GoT for being so good.

My only hope is that now she realises how it feels to be targeted she will back off everybody and repent in some way… although admittedly that hope is very small.

Speaking of the high Septom, what the fudge is their problem and why can’t the King just stop them?! I get that they believe God will judge those that have sinned (blah, blah), but isn’t it down to God to judge them when the time comes, not for them to enforce? Seriously, so frustrating.

Now obviously, the biggest and most shocking part of this series was definitely the ending. I cannot physically accept that Jon Snow is dead, sorry. There is NO way! There must be some other explanation, I mean have you watched Vampire Diaries? People die and come back all the time, this has to be like that. I don’t think I will be able to emotionally handle the death of Jon Snow, so it just can’t be happening – sorry. I refuse to believe it.

I would also like to point out that I fucking knew that little shit of a boy was going to betray the beloved Lord Commander. I called it the moment he started asking Sam questions when Jon was away. I hate him for his betrayal!

Finally, I NEED to know what’s happening with Sansa and Theon… like right now. It is killing me that I don’t have time to watch season six until next week! Like k-i-l-l-i-n-g me. If he doesn’t whisk her away and save her after everything he has done to her family, then I swear I will actually just cry and give up on him completely. Have a backbone Theon.

Whoops, I almost forgot… you go Arya Stark!

giphy (1).gifSource:

I can’t wait to get stuck into season six and get up to speed. Eeek, so excited!!




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