The Best Book Shop in Brisbane.

I love books, that’s no secret or surprise I’m sure. But the type of book I love more than any other is without a doubt, old books. I don’t know what it is exactly, but something about the combination of culture, history and blissful smell they all hold keeps me on the look out for old editions of my favourite classics.

So obviously, when I came across a huge bookshop that specialises in archives and holds over a million old books, I was straight on a bus into Brisbane city. And I was not disappointed when I got there.



I mean just look at all those books 😍.

The moment I stepped into this palace of literature, I was in awe of it’s collection. It gave me a feeling that no other bookshop ever has. Walking down the aisles, each spine was different from the other and I wanted nothing more than to take them all home with me or migrate to this bookshop forever.

Reluctantly however, I knew I had to make a selection (and pretty snappy too from the look on my boyfriend’s face, ha). So I settled on an old copy of Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist which is conveniently on my 50 Book Challenge List, Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders and Charlotte Bronte’s Biography written by Elizabeth Gaskell (I am obsessed with the Bronte sisters FYI).

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 14.19.29

All I can is, if you love old books as much as me and you ever find yourself in Brisbane, be sure to visit Archives Fine Books! You will undoubtedly find a classic author you love or a poetry collection you never knew you just had to have. To be honest, I am sad I leave in September and can’t take them all with me.

Let me know if you’ve ever visited this bookshop before, or even tell me the oldest book in your collection… no seriously I really want to know that, I love old books.






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