My New Blog Goals.

As I am sure you all know, keeping up with blogging can be pretty hard. Life, work and friends can quite easily get in the way of a schedule and you can feel rushed to throw a few posts up whenever you get the chance. Admittedly, this has definitely been me so far, but I am determined to improve! And given that it’s now the middle of the year (eek), I thought it was best to get moving with my plan. So here it is:

1. Post Regularly.

This one is pretty obvious but if I stick to it will definitely be the most effective. So from now on, I will be putting a day aside every week to schedule my posts for the same times every week. Hopefully this will ensure that any regular readers I gain (fingers crossed) will know exactly when to catch my next post. For now (as it may go up in the future or the time may change based on the stats) you can expect posts on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings GMT.

2. Use Social Media Effectively.8539048913_1784d0de74_o.jpg

I think one of the things I forget the most about using social media to promote my blog is that it is okay to tweet about old posts and more than once. I always used to feel as though I was nagging people if I did this, but the reality is I am just missing some of my audience by restricting myself to just one post per article. The same goes for Instagram too. I intend to post an Instagram post for every single article I put up (something I have never done before), as well as posting twice a day otherwise.

3. Boost Followers.

This applies to both social media and the blog itself. I recently went through my Twitter and deleted any ‘not real’ followers I had and now I want to boost my number with a stronger audience.

4. Get Involved In More Twitter Chats.


This is something I really want to do more, but admittedly it can be pretty daunting. I always find myself scared to contribute because I feel less knowledgable or successful than others in the chat. I have to get over this. People are willing to help new bloggers, and no one ever slated anyone for asking for help. Everyone started somewhere.

5. Reply To Comments More.

I know how vital it is to stay in touch with people who take the time to comment on my work, and I want anyone who does to know how much I appreciate their thoughts. So this one is definitely important to me, and I hope I stick to it!



If you have any tips on how to boost my blogging experience then please let me know in the comments below. As I just said, I need and appreciate your help!



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