Top films to watch when you’re sick.

Thanks to my housemate, I am pretty sick right now. My nose is basically flooding and my throat is pretty much closed up and all I want to do is eat soup, drink herbal tea and watch movies in bed, and I know I’m not the only one – it’s definitely cold and flu season.

If you’re also feeling the winter season but don’t know what to put on your marathon list, don’t worry. I made it for you… you’re welcome.

The Parent Trap


love this film. It’s an all time favourite. There is nothing like a little classic Lindsey Lohan mischief to get you laughing again after endless nights of sniffling. Plus, there is something weirdly sexy about Dennis Quaid now that I am old enough to appreciate him.


He’s Just Not That Into You

v1 (1)

If you’re after some light-hearted romance while sipping on your lemsip, then you should definitely give this one a try. With just about every celebrity you love all in one place, you’ll be sure to find a story line you relate to. Plus, Bradley Cooper… enough said.


Legally Blonde


Sometimes when you’re sick you like to wallow in your own self-pity, but then other times you just need a little life inspiration to get yourself back on track. And who’s more inspirational then Elle Woods really?


New York Minute


There is just something satisfying about twins getting up to no good when you’re sick, I just can’t explain it. To be honest, you can watch any Olsen Twin movie in this state and instantly feel better – or at least forget how awful you feel for a moment.




I could sit here and try and explain what it is about Disney movies that makes me (or anyone for that matter) feel so great, but I just don’t think it’s possible. It’s unexplainable. They’re all just perfect. But this one particular determined Disney Princess is great to help you feel strong enough to beat your germs. Plus her hair


Sex and The City


Both the movies and the series are binge worthy during a good old bed day. There really is nothing better than watching Carrie’s big hair and amazing fashion run wild over New York while you’re trapped in bed in your boyfriend’s old gym wear, with tissues as accessories.

Space Jam


A classic. Whoever thought about combining real life people and some of our favourite cartoon characters, is an actual genius. Grab some vicks and watch this crazy bunch go on a wild adventure… oh and it’s all about sport so that’s totally the same as going to the gym, right? I’d say so.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Lets face it, we’ve all had our hearts broken. And this movie is perfect at capturing the true ugliness (like when we cry alone to ourselves for nights on end), and beauty of having to brush yourself off and move on. Perfect for when you’re trying to move on from a cold.

Let me know any of your top picks for when you’re all bundled up with cold – I am pretty much bed bound for a wild and could do with some suggestions.


Stay warm! Dx.






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