4 Common Misconceptions Briton’s have about leaving the EU

No, it will not make us stronger.

Despite being away travelling while the European referendum will take place, I will be voting come June 23rd. I have gone through a lot of trouble to ensure my mother can vote on my behalf because I think it is vital that we keep our relationship with Europe strong, and beneficial.

Even though I am wildly passionate about my beliefs and think that the idea of leaving the EU behind is genuinely pretty stupid, it’s not the question in itself that upsets me the most. Instead, it’s the fact that those campaigning to leave are actually so uneducated on the matters and want to do so for selfish, bigotry reasons.

So in hope of clearing up some facts for anyone sat on the fence, feeling pressured and confused by their newsfeeds and ranting friends, here are some misconceived perceptions about what leaving the EU will bring to the UK

  1. ‘We will be as strong and powerful as we were back when we ruled an Empire.’

To be honest, the fact that anybody could actually believe this would be pretty amusing if it wasn’t under such dangerous circumstances.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am as proud to be British as the next person, but I am not narrow minded enough to think we are the be all and end all. In reality, we are so minute and insignificant in the scheme of things that we need all the friends we can get.

It is just utter stupidity to spit in the face of our allies and leave ourselves as sitting ducks, ready for the taking. What baffles me the most is that in the world we live in today, where people are genuinely living in fear of a WWIII outbreak, why would you want to isolate our country? If that outbreak happens and we’re not apart of the EU, we will not make it out alive – and that’s a guarantee.

2. ‘We’ll be rid of all those bloody foreigners’

The majority of the people who spout this sentence most days, are generally referring to Pakistani, Asian and Indian people. All of which, are from countries not actually in the EU and therefore have nothing to do with this debate. And even if they were, why would be ship away all those doctors and teachers? If they’re bringing something to the community that we’re failing to bring (because let’s be honest Paul from Runcorn, you’re probably not Doctor material with your 3 GCSE’s and expired bus pass), then why should’t they be allowed to contribute? This bigotry and prejudice attitude is embarrassing, and it’s got to stop.

Having said that, I do know that a huge part of this point is that we have a lot of Eastern Europeans that come to our country and do working class jobs such as working in factories and warehouses, thus meaning their are technically less jobs for our working class. I understand that that is frustrating. But it’s not that black and white, I’m afraid.

Immigrant workers actually boost our economy and employment rates. Not only that, but it’s important to remember that these people are just grateful to be in the UK and will therefore happily take all those roles you think are beneath you – not their fault you’d rather live off the state than take anything you can get.

3. ‘We’ll easily be able to holiday across Europe when we leave the EU – no problem’

We are so so blessed to be able to bask in the glory of Spain, France, Italy and 24 other beautiful countries for as long as we want, with no hassle at all. Do you know how envious Americans, Australians and Asians are about that? Do you even understand how grateful we should be of that? No, of course not. You just want to spread your bigotry thinking and doom us all to isolation. You’re probably the type of person that goes to Spain on holiday and orders steak and chips every night.

The saddest part is that all of our grandparents, fathers and mothers that served their country and worked hard for decades to be able to enjoy their retirement in the European sun, will be shipped back to live out the rest of their lives in miserable greyness. How cruel.

4. ‘Everything will stay the same, we just won’t have to deal with those foreigners anymore’

Like seriously, do you understand how much we trade with the EU? Do you think they are going to continue trading with us at the same price if we spit in the face of our union? Please understand this if you understand nothing else from this article: the rest of the world don’t like us. They think we are arrogant, pretentious and full of ourselves – and they have a point. We walk around the world expecting everyone else to learn our language because we think our time is too valuable to learn theirs. We’re rude to anybody we consider an outsider and we have no understanding of the rest of the world (I talk on a general basis here, there are a lot of us that appreciate the value of other cultures and would spend all their money on experiencing them if we could).

If we leave the EU, they’re not going to continue being nice to us, giving us a European Union discount, sharing their resources with us. Why would they? They don’t like us and they have no legal obligation to do so anymore.

The bottom line is, everything will be more expensive meaning that not only will daily life be more expensive for us all, a lot of our small businesses will suffer and our economy will undoubtedly suffer.



In all honesty, if we actually leave the EU, I am going to have to beg Australia to let me stay. It genuinely wouldn’t be worth going back.





One thought on “4 Common Misconceptions Briton’s have about leaving the EU

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Brexit will mean we leave without access to the EU and the benefits. France and Germany have both said out means out. Any Brits living anywhere in Europe will be repatriated and we won’t have the option to pay for benefits like Canada and Norway. That market will be lost for at least a generation. What then of our economy, jobs and food? Immigration is front and centre of the Leave campaign, why stop people coming here who want to work? I know we attract far too many who want to get their hands on our benefits system but, please don’t insult my intelligence by saying they come from Europe. Most are from third world countries. Now we’ve pulled the arguments of Leave to pieces let’s embrace Europe, if the vote today is leave then I think I may ask my friends in Scotland to let me in so once they get Independence AND negotiate an entry to Europe for themselves I can remain European albeit Scottish rather than British.


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