8 things all carboholics know to be true

It’s never been a secret that eating healthy is important. But health isn’t just a medical requirement anymore, it’s a multi-million trend that’s taking the world by storm. From the endless amount of weight loss teas, Instagram accounts and way too many diet programs to count, health is everywhere we look. And that’s great… I am all for everyone staying fit and healthy, but of course it does mean that there is even more pressure than ever for us to stick to the latest cleanse and achieve a beach worthy bod.

If you’re anything like me however, that can cause quite a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I work out 3-5 times a week (depending on how much Kardashians I feel like watching), and I rarely eat sweets or chocolate, but I do have an addiction that I just can’t kick.

You see, I am a carboholic. And in actual fact, I don’t want to kick it. I love carbs. All my favourite foods are carbs, I could eat them all day. It’s unfair really, that they are so goddamn delicious.

Anyway, for us carboholics, there are a few things we know to be too true in this crazy, no carb, low carb world we now live in.

WARNING: This article may make you ditch that protein shake and smoothie bowl and devour a whole loaf of French bread and mash potato… sorry.

  1. Whenever you try to give up carbs:



2. You frequently find yourself listing all the reasons potatoes are great to anybody who will listen.

giphy                          Source:Giphy

3. All you hope for in life is to meet somebody who understands your love for all things carbs. enhanced-7105-1459870297-8                            Twitter: @zoebread

4. The pure rage when your health-freak friends take you to a fancy new no carb restaurant.

wheres-my-mac-and-cheese                    Source: Tumblr

5. Or when they sit in TGI’s looking at the salad menu.

635927354576430894-1622342339_giphy (1)                      Source: Giphy.com

6. The realisation that all guys like the girls who don’t eat carbs until they puke.enhanced-19866-1459870391-10                       Twitter:@LinaKatmanuvong

7. When all your thin friends go to the club looking like Victoria secret models and you’re just at home like…

anigif_optimized-5279-1422383048-10                     Source: Giphy.com

8. And finally, the daily struggle you have with your desire to be look good and be covered in bread…but lets be honest, carbs always win.

pizza.gif-2                        Source: Tumblr


Now, before I go…here’s some pictures to remind you why carbs are so great:

foodSource: Pinterest

FotorCreated1Source: Pinterest

You’re welcome.




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