10 Sister Sister outfits I NEED, right now.

There is nothing more enjoyable that binge watching a classic TV show you used to love as a kid. I have been doing just that with the ever-so-amazing Sister Sister, and I can’t get over some of their outfits! These twins are killing it for all six seasons, but here are some of my favourites:

1. I can’t get enough of this tartan matching ensemble. And the double denim? They could give the Kardashians a run for their money 😍😍


2. Okay, so PJ’s aren’t technically an outfit, but come on… both these sets are amazing. I need them both. Right now.

Source: Warner Bros/Pinterest

3. Quite frankly, these cheerleading outfits speak for themselves. No comment necessary.

Source: Warner Bros/Tumblr

4. Nothing says casual Saturday like denim dungarees or a checked overshirt with mom jeans. Nailed it 👏

Source: Warner Bros/Pinterest

5. Those jackets could kill any date night. 💏

Source: Warner Bros/Pinterest

6.  Aahh, remember cropped cardigans? 💜  #life 

Source: Warner Bros/Tumblr

7. Every girl needs a floral dress in her wardrobe, and when you’re twinning, it’s even better! 👭

Source: Warner Bros/Tumblr

8. When the girls rocked turtle and scoop necked tops before you knew they were a thing. Perfect for classes or work! 👸

Source: Warner Bros/Pinterest

9. This crop top and jeans look will never get old. 😍  Easily dressed up or down, it’s definitely a wardrobe stable.

Source: Warner Bros/Tumblr

10. And of course, their intro co-ordinating outfits. Straight out of pure 90’s glory, I love this look – especially Tamera’s cigarette trousers! Amazing. 😍

Source: Warner Bros/Pinterest

So, if somebody could bring me all these outfits, I’d be forever grateful – and fashionable. K, thanks.






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