So I may have had a bit of a break, sorry conscience.

There is nothing worse than feeling unproductive. Admittedly however, that’s been me the past few weeks and now I have a writing ‘to do list’ about the length of a whole notebook. Articles to be written for online magazines, articles to be pitched, stories to be written and of course endless blog posts to get out – sorry conscience.

To be honest though, it hasn’t all been lying down with a glass of wine (although that might have happened every now and then), it’s been pretty hectic. First, we had a friend come over from the UK for three weeks, so of course our time was pretty occupied with keeping him entertained along with the endless activities we had planned like Byron Bay, the Gold Coast, the Koala Sanctuary, Southbank, BBQ’s and of course endless nights out.

But even after the excitement ended, my time didn’t become any  more available. I recently started a new job in a coffee shop (yay, finally!) which means 4:30am starts and what can be super long days. On top of that, we moved out of our little home in Carina Heights and headed back to the family base in Forest Lake – 9 of us sharing a five bedroom house is pretty intense to say the least. But of course, with moving comes endless amounts of packing, cleaning and organisation. A week later, we just finished with the last clean today. As sad as I am to leave behind my privacy and independence, I am pretty glad to not have to scrub floors for a while.

Anyway, it’s been killing me that I haven’t had a second to write anything other than plans and notes, and have so much planned for the next few months that I can’t wait to get started on. I recently discovered I am sensitive to wheat and can’t wait to start trying out some Gluten Free baking and cooking, all of which will be featured on here, as well as divulging in some pretty interesting controversial topics for some online publications. Oh and of course I’m excited to spend some personal time with my imagination.

Watch this space.



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