11 Signs Hanna Marin is your spirit animal.

She’s feisty, she’s brutally honest and appreciates the importance of her iPhone. The girl just gets you.

  1. If you can’t wear it, tweet it or eat it, you don’t really care how it works.


2. Besides, you know all the important stuff anyway…


3. And you always ask the right questions…


4. There is literally nothing more important to you than your constant hunger.


5. I mean seriously, who shares food?


6. You pride yourself on your ability to flawlessly provide sass.


7. An hour without Instagram? Don’t even say things like that.


8. You find the very idea of thinking exhausting.


9. Your break up method has is exactly the same.

giphy (1).gif

10. There is really nothing that could make you go out looking anything less than perfect.


11. And finally, you would never dream of making a tough decision without serious thought…



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