The hair struggle that we all face.

‘Is it time for a change?’

Over the past few months, all I have seen across social media is people taking the plunge and opting for a LOB: the long bob.

They all look great, right? But not all of us have a stylist on a day-to-day basis – or ever, for that matter. In reality, this look can be left looking lifeless and short (and that’s way worse than looking lifeless and long, obviously).

But there comes a time in all our lives when we decide it’s time for a new look. I currently face this very issue. With a haircut booked for tomorrow afternoon, I now have to decide exactly what style I will be leaving the salon with. What makes it worse is that, after four years of growing my hair out after killing it with bleach, my friends have FINALLY started to comment on the length of my hair – without me having to hint either. I know right?! The dream.


Look how long it is!😭😭

So now, after weeks of building the courage to have the big chop, I find myself doubting my decision. I mean, how bad would it be to just keep it the same? With my birthday only a week away, I risk the chance of hating my hair while turning 23 – an age I am not mentally prepared for, by the way.

Do I take the plunge, or keep it safe? I can’t help but feel there is a deeper meaning behind my decision – the curse of thinking like a literature student.

If anyone has recently got the chop, please give me some insight on your bravery! Do you regret it? Do you love it. Help me, please!



7 thoughts on “The hair struggle that we all face.

  1. If you are not sure about your decision to cut your hair then I suggest that you leave it alone! You may just be experiencing some stress about your upcoming birthday which makes you think you want a change. Wait it out. Really decide on a new hairstyle. After your birthday passes and the stress of it settles you can always cut your hair IF you STILL choose to. (Believe me, I am a reformed stress ” hair chopper” in my younger days). My hair is FINALLY growing long and strong now and today I’d never chop it off! I cut a small amount of bangs/fringe in the front in the fall (for a small update/to help make me look younger). I regret it and am currently growing them out and that’s just a thin amount of bangs. Once you cut your hair, you cannot get it back that quickly. It takes lots of time and patience. I hope this was helpful. I hate to see a beautiful head of hair get cut off and then the decision regretted later. Best of luck! Happy Birthday!!

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  2. I got the chop last October and I don’t regret it. I went for the bob, but now it’s a lob (a little shorter than Lucy Hale’s haircut) and I love it so much! Don’t keep it safe, you can get your long hair back in a few years – I’ve been through that after years rocking a lob and found out long hair is not for me, that’s why I got the chop. Haha

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  3. BTW: do not follow the latest hair trends on social media. Most of the stars are wearing wigs or hair pieces in the pictures. Do not buy into the games that social media plays. Do what is best for you! Remember how Beyonce cut all her hair off and it was a social media disaster? She came back a week later with a shoulder length bob. Then another couple werks later she had long hair again. Well, we all know no one’s hair grows that quickly. That’s why I say don’t buy into the social media fads when it comes to hair length/cuts. Wear what YOU are most comfortable with and like the most on your facial features. Is that long hair or short hair it’s all up to you! Let SOME of your clothes be trendy or how you wear your makeup sometimes, but not your hair. Buy yourself a wig if you have to try the latest hair trend! You’ll be glad you did in the end! 😉

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