My New Wardrobe Wishlist

As excited and happy I am to be in Australia for a year, there is just one thing I miss about home. Well two things actually; the need for layers and boots as well as the ability to actually spend money on clothes. To my complete dismay, having no income makes it somewhat impossible to justify any spontaneous online shopping moments. So naturally, I have already started planning for my winter wardrobe next year – and I am not ashamed. And yes, I know the exact items aren’t going to be available and that my opinion might even change between then and now, but hey, what’s more fun when you can’t shop, than pretending that you can!?

  1. First up, a coat that doesn’t make me look like a fifteen year old (any more than I already do, anyway).image1xxl

This stylish and sophisticated Cocoon coat from ASOS is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy but stylish and chic. I love it. And the colour is perfects for my auburn hair. If only it was in their petite range! As much as I love this coat, there is just nothing worse than looking like a child wearing her mum’s coat while trying to blend in in an office.

2. Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters.


Being comfy is definitely my favourite thing to be. So much so, that I admit I let it get in the way of my fashion sometimes. I just don’t see the point in getting dressed nice when I am only popping to Tesco, okay?! But sweaters have certainly made comfy look intentional lately, and I am SO grateful. ASOS, Topshop and Urban Outfitters have these beauts down to a T, with affordable price tags too. What more could a lazy girl wish for?

3. A room dedicated to just Boots.


Okay, so that’s more of a lifetime goal, but the point is, I will certainly be buying more than one pair of boots when I get home. They are just perfect with so many outfits and can instantly make you look much dressier than you are. I want ankle boots, over the knee boots and I want them in all colours… but mainly black (obviously). I never thought about getting any in a different colour to be honest, until I saw the also 5ft tall Kourtney Kardashian wearing some in an episode of KUWTK, and then I fell in love with these grey over the knee pair from ASOS. In fact, ASOS is pretty much my go-to site for boots thanks to their wide range of brands all in one place. You can find all of the above on their site

4. The perfect dark red lip.

I know, I know, I know. Not really a wardrobe item, but it’s something that will make anything in my wardrobe instantly better, right?  So it counts. And who better to turn to when in need of the perfect shade, than MAC Cosmetics? As much as I love their huge range of colours, this one has definitely caught my attention. Paired with some killer boots and coat and you’re ready for a winter date or a huge job interview.

5. A leather jacket.


There is nothing I love more than a leather jacket. So much so, that I’m happy to sacrifice that extra warmth in the winter-time to wear one. And they’re perfect for pretty much any event or outfit. Everyone should have one they love, and to be fair, I already do. But who wouldn’t want a new one while we’re wishing for stuff, right?

6. The cosiest jumper.


I am loving this deep green rolled-neck jumper from Topshop right now. Perfect for anyone, who like me, has green eyes and red hair. I definitely need one in my next winter wardrobe!

7. Autumn and winter skirts.


I am loving the thick patterned skirts like this River Island piece, at the moment. Perfect with a rolled long-sleeved top and a pair of thick tights. As for Topshop’s Herringbone Jersey A-line on the left, I couldn’t think of a cuter office staple. And the leather skirt from ASOS? Well, to be honest I have just always wanted one, so why the heck not?!


Which winter pieces have been your favourite this season?





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