My New Years Resolution…A Month Late (Whoops)


The start of a new year is always the perfect time to start focusing on new projects, goals or lifestyles, but it’s just never been that simple for me. The excuses soon start to pour out and the motivation quickly becomes lost – trust me, I am shocking for it. But I told myself that this year needs to be the year I stop that vicious cycle (isn’t every year?). Yet here I am, a the beginning of February and I still haven’t made the change I so desperately want to make. Only now, I think I have finally found out why, and I am finally about to put my plan into action… it’s better late than never, right? But first, let me tell you how I sussed it.

This year I vowed to write more in hope that by the end of 2016, I will be more confident in sharing my work with the world – along with the standard “eat better, exercise more” resolution I break every year… obviously. Admittedly, I am not much closer with the getting fit resolution, despite enjoying a regular work out and a healthy recipe or two, but the writing thing, I’ve got down.

Normally, when someone faces a problem, the best way to solve it is to find the root of the issue. Which was my first mistake. In the past, I never saw my lack of confidence and therefore lack of regular self-publishing as an issue. I just put it down to ‘being too busy’, or ‘being too tired’ or ‘no one will even read it’ (see, I told you I was good at making up excuses). But a few weeks ago as I sat on the hard concrete of Dream World’s Buzz Saw queuing area, waiting for my boyfriend and two housemates to finish riding what I can only describe as a death-trap, I realised that there was a bigger issue that was causing me to put off using this site more – my training.

It sounds stupid, but since being trained and now fully qualified with my MA Magazine Journalism degree, I seem to have found myself blocked. I know that every creative soul will experience a blockage in their life-time, if not more than once, but at my age and at my stage of my career, I really can’t afford to let it take over my passion for the written word.

As mosquitoes dug for the blood-flow below my ivory skin (theme parks at night definitely have their downfalls) and my friends screamed above me, I realised that I was putting off writing because I felt like I simply had nothing to write about…or more importantly, because there was no article topic for me to explore, no assignment for me to meet.

It seems I have become confused between my career choice and my initial, deep-routed passion for writing. I don’t need an article topic to write. I don’t need an assignment to start thinking about things I feel passionate about. So, instead of waiting for only the best ideas for a magazine platform, this space is now open for everything I want to write about. It doesn’t need to be based on my career choice. I need to start writing and publishing everything. Be it what I have been doing here in Australia, what new conditioner is really working for me (important stuff, I know), how I feel about being away from home, creative pieces I want to share with the world, or even just things I am facing in my every day life.

I know, a lot of you have probably already figured this out for yourselves, but I just needed a moment or two alone on the other side of the world from all I have ever known, to get there myself. And I am glad I finally have.

Get ready for a flood of words.






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