Should we be Using our Men’s Skin Products?

As I scratch around the silver hoop that accommodates my least favourite facial feature, I can feel each individual bump and flake that haunts my reflection. I needed to get rid of my dry face, now!

I have tried so many creams, altered my skin regime to tailor dry skin and even put coconut oil on my face every night for a month, but nothing changed (and coconut normally fixes EVERYTHING!).

Until eventually, one morning I had left my hundredth face moisturiser at home after staying at my boyfriend’s (not that it really mattered it wasn’t doing much for me), but I knew I couldn’t leave my skin unattended for a day. So, I picked up his Nivea for men.

I smeared the thick, white cream all over my face until it sank in and I smelt like pure man, before walking downstairs to eat my eggs. Minus my boyfriend’s verbal dislike of me ‘not smelling like me anymore’; I didn’t give it a second thought…until I scratched my nose that evening.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that my flakes and bumps were magically gone after one use… they weren’t. But they were certainly reduced. So I decided to do a little research on whether I should be using my boyfriend’s face cream on a regular basis.

Nivea’s website makes it clear that men and women’s skin are not the same. A man tends to have oilier, thicker skin than a woman. So logically, if men’s skin is generally tougher, dry skin products have to be stronger to be effective. And maybe that’s my problem? I haven’t found a product that is strong enough for my dryness… until now. makes a simple, yet important point that the main reason for a two-gender beauty market is of course, profit. But minus the smell and the intensity of the product, how much differences can there really be between male and female moisturiser? I haven’t found anything that suggests that there is.

…So I am going to keep on using it. And if you have dry skin that female products just don’t budge, you should too.

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