Why the ducks? 🐦

I know many of you will be wondering whether this blog with give you information about the location of ducks in the winter. Unfortunately, it will not (although I am pretty sure they go south… unless that’s just geese – eh, who knows?).

When I was deciding what to call this blog, I fought with myself for days. I wanted something memorable (for you lovely people), yet meaningful to me and what it is I am attempting to do. So, I fell upon the ducks.

I personally have no connection to ducks, I like them as much as much as the next girl – especially when they follow each other around, I mean how adorable – but I have no particular love for them. However, I do love Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.

Holden Caulfield’s persistence to find out where the ducks go in the winter always stuck with me after I finished studying the novel at GCSE. To be honest, Salinger’s novel is the one that pushed me to write for a living. I hope that one day, I will write something that sticks in a reader’s mind for as long as that has stuck in mine. I want to push someone to write, like Salinger pushed me. I know, I know isn’t that what all writers want?…Probably, yes. But I’m happy to be a cliché if it keeps writers, writing.

I hope you enjoy, and please follow/let me know what you think.

P.S. Sorry, I don’t know anything about ducks.




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